About Parivarthana

“Parivarthana” stands as a dynamic and inclusive learning community, unwavering in its commitment to curating an unparalleled educational experience tailored for each child. Our central mission is to empower every student to unlock and fulfill their utmost potential.

The cornerstone of our institution lies in a team of highly talented, dedicated, and compassionate staff members. Each team member ardently contributes to nurturing and methodically developing the unique abilities inherent in the children under our guidance.

The educators and teaching assistants at Parivarthana are seasoned professionals, seamlessly collaborating to create a nurturing and exceptional daily environment for your child. Our school is purposefully designed to offer a stimulating and enriched setting, ensuring that children savor every facet of their learning journey.

We place tremendous value on consistent communication with parents/guardians, acknowledging the home-school partnership as a vital element of the educational process. At Parivarthana, we actively explore innovative ways to involve parents in the life of the school and keep them well-informed about our ongoing initiatives.

Choosing PARIVARTHANA – The School is committed to celebrating the uniqueness of each child. Our institution goes beyond being a mere platform for imposing specializations; instead, it is dedicated to nurturing natural abilities, whether they manifest in artistic, analytical, scientific, or linguistic pursuits. Our overarching goal is to fashion a memorable and enriching journey for our students, ensuring that their time at school becomes a cherished and enduring lifetime memory.

The ethos of PARIVARTHANA lies in fostering an environment where students not only learn but also thrive, building a foundation for lifelong success and fulfillment.


Our vision at Parivarthana is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world and practise the core values of the school: respect, tolerance & transform and excel.


Our mission is to facilitate inclusive access to learning for all learners by providing:

  • Tailored, comprehensive, and interconnected learning programs that align with the Indian curriculum’s year-level content and achievement standards.
  • Exceptional educators dedicated to enhancing student outcomes through their unwavering commitment to continuous professional development, quality teaching, evidence-based practices, coaching, and mentoring.
  • A high-quality inclusive learning environment that is receptive to student input.
  • Enriching and engaging resources.
  • Opportunities for both the community and parents to actively participate in the learning process and decision-making.


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