Quality Policy

Parivarthana School & PU is dedicated to delivering an education that prioritizes academic excellence within a nurturing community. Our institution fosters an environment that encourages the celebration of diversity among individuals and cultures. We provide an optimal setting for learning and teaching, offering a curriculum designed to inspire the joy of learning in students through the following principles:

1. Practicing Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

– We promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence, creating a harmonious community where all members respect and appreciate each other.

2. Developing Ethical Leadership

– Our focus is on cultivating leadership qualities that demonstrate a heightened awareness of ethical and moral considerations.

3. Gaining Knowledge of the World

– Through intellectual endeavors, we empower students to acquire both historical and contemporary knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the world.

4. Cultivating International Perception

– Interaction within our uniquely diverse school community enables students to develop an international perspective, broadening their worldview.

5. Exploring Other Cultures and Belief Systems

 – Student-teacher exchange programs provide opportunities for studying and experiencing diverse cultures and belief systems.

6. Preserving Language Fluency

– We emphasize the importance of maintaining fluency in one’s mother tongue while also valuing the acquisition of other languages, thus shaping students to be effective global citizens.


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